Petty Theft

Whether we like it or not, petty theft from your luggage is a common risk associated with all types of travel. From baggage handlers and screeners to the local taxi driver, your luggage is at risk when it is out of your sight and in the possession of a third party.

Luggage Damage

With all the will in the world no luggage will go through its life without the scratches, dings, bumps, knocks, missing zippers, broken handles and other problems associated with travel – both long distance and local.


There are few things more irritating than arriving at your destination only to find you have picked up the wrong suitcase or someone else has mistakenly taken yours.

TSA Inspection

Post 9/11 saw a remarkable increase in airline and travel security. The inception of the United States’ TSA team has meant that luggage needs to be inspected by screeners in a random fashion.


Thank you for an ingenious luggage solution. My wife and I have both had our suitcases broken into (beware OR Tambo airport) but it hasn't been a problem since we went the Luggage Glove route...

Tim and Julie Richman

At first I thought the Glove was a bit expensive but then I realized that plastic wrapping every time I travel added up a lot. I'm environmentally conscious and happy doing my little bit to help the planet. I use the Luggage Glove wherever I travel and have had such great experiences - totally recommend it

Lianne Sowdon

We have 4 of them. They have paid themselves off over and over. Wonderful product.


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Best thing is it does away with unnecessary plastic wrapping waste...


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