About Us

About Us

Our experience in the luggage business over the last 30 years has made it apparent that customers need more than just a suitcase. The risks associated with travel (particularly airline) are communicated in luggage stores around the world on a daily basis.
Luggage Glove has been designed to relieve travellers of the common problems we may have experienced at some time or another:
Pilferage by baggage handlers.
Smuggling of contraband.
Damage to expensive luggage during transportation.
Security personnel destroying locks.
These are certainly not new concerns but the current options available do not offer a full solution. These concerns and factors prompted us to develop an all-in-one method to protect, identify and secure your luggage while you travel with the added benefit of being re-usable.
After many years of research involving patents, fabrics, tests, trials and samples to service the needs highlighted above, we have designed our own protection device that will cover almost any shape and size of trolley and spinner luggage available today: The Luggage Glove.

Our objectives were simple:

To design a device that will cover as much of a piece of luggage as possible without compromising the function of the equipment – wheels, handle and extending trolley grip must be fully functional.

To ensure that the system is completely lockable & secure in order to discourage thieves from targeting the covered luggage.

To ensure that the materials used are durable and will accommodate different sizes and bag shapes as well as any expansion function that the luggage may have.

To offer the product in as many unique colour combinations as possible to provide variety and easier identification for the traveller.

To be cost as effectively as possible.

To become a world-wide traveling necessity!

With over 40 000 units in circulation world-wide, the Luggage Glove has gone through a number of upgrades and improvements. Our new 2019 Luggage Glove Diamond, we believe, is at the pinnacle of our design philosophies and we are certain it will grow to be a household name beyond South Africa.

We thank you for all your loyal support.

Lock. Protect. Recognise.