Returns & Shipping

Returns and Shipping

Got the incorrect size or prefer another colour? Luggage Glove will exchange new and unused items for other sizes and colours. We offer a 7-day “no questions asked” return policy from the date of your purchase.

If you are considering purchasing a Luggage Glove from us directly then delivery is free within South Africa. Depending on the nature of a return there might be a charge for the collection and re-shipment of Luggage Gloves – please consider these with us when we help you with your query.

Product Warranty

Our Luggage Gloves carry a 12 month manufacturing warranty. As in the cases of luggage and suitcases, our warranty is limited to a manufacturing defect only. Damage to the Luggage Glove by a third-party can be claimed directly with the carrier involved.

We endeavor to help all our customers around the world with spare parts, replacement textiles as well as procedures to fix some locks if you have forgotten your code.

Please contact us directly for a detailed brief on the limited product warranty.

Service and Repairs

Luggage Glove has been developed in South Africa with a local manufacturing facility able to do alternations and repairs to your Luggage Glove. In the instance that your Luggage Glove is damaged by a third-party, there could be applicable charges.

International customers should contact a local seamstress/merchant who would be able to sew and thread repairs. For extensive repairs, please contact us directly to see we can help to get your Luggage Glove back into working order.