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Our top-of-the-range Diamond design utilises specialised 3D fabric for enhanced protection and rigidity. From 2019, we’ve included our new adjustable locking strap that ensures the Small glove will fit nice and tightly to the “larger-sized” check-in suitcases available.

Lock. Protect.Recognise.

Features of the Large size:

  • comfortably fits most suitcases from 75cm+ measured in vertical height.
  • The new adjustable TSA lock strap will ensure that some bigger, smaller and unusual sizes are accommodated.
  • Built in 3-dial TSA combination lock with adjustable strap. Set your own code.
  • Easy access: trolley handle, wheels and side carry handles used as originally intended.
  • Specialised 3D-Mesh fabric – incredibly strong with additional padding to protect your case during travel.
  • Bottom velcro flap: designed to package your case snugly whilst also protecting the lock during travel.
  • Name Tag: marking area for your name and contact details.
  • Instruction manuals: how to fit and set your combination code.
  • Our new 3D mesh fabric also has an internal laminated layer to prevent snagging in transit.
  • 3 different colours available.


  • 12 months manufacturing warranty. unfortunately, wear and tear or damage from your carriers is not covered but might be repairable by us for a very reasonable fee.




How it works

Quite simply, the Luggage Glove is a protective luggage cover that will go over your upright trolley or spinner suitcase and has the ability to be locked shut. Our product design takes the handle and wheel positions of different suitcase types into account so you can still use your luggage as intended.

Whilst there have been many improvements over the last decade, the Luggage Glove Diamond – featured here – offers our customers the best mix of strength, protection and weight. Our 3D Mesh fabric has been developed to given excellent cushioning effect to any knocks that your luggage may take on its travels whilst the TSA approved 3 dial combination lock ensures enhanced security and peace-of-mind.

in 2019, the Diamond is available with our new adjustable strap system which allows even better fitting of the Luggage Glove to your luggage.


Locking Mechanism

We are constantly re-inventing the Luggage Glove for an improved travelling experience. One of the most important aspects of the Luggage Glove is the locking system:

Our “standard” TSA lock has been in production since 2008 and been very successful. A 3-digit combination can be set to a number of your preference and the upgraded male section of the lock has been strengthen and optimized so no clips can break during use.

Tried and tested, it has been at the heart of our security design.


One of the more sophisticated locks available today, our new Luggage Glove TSA lock with constrictor technology allows the bottom strap to be adjusted to the size of your case making a snugger fit far more likely. After locking, the constrictor buckle prevents the strap from being loosened, keeping the Luggage Glove firmly in place.

In addition to tougher polypropylene materials, the TSA approved lock also has an indicator function to let you know if your luggage has been inspected by the TSA or customs.

How to choose the correct size

”How to choose the correct size”

The most common question we get from customers is: “what size is the best fit for my upright suitcase?”

We’ve designed the Luggage Glove with the most prominent brands and ranges of upright luggage on the market today. Obviously there are exceptions – some designs fit slightly better than others but our specialized 3D-mesh material is manufactured to give some extra stretch to ensure you get as snug a fit as possible.

Our new 2019 Luggage Glove features an adjustable bottom strap that will tighten the Luggage Glove securely around your suitcase without would-be thieves being able to loosen it off your luggage. Simply refer to the size chart below:

  • Measure the height of your luggage (excluding wheels please!)
  • Measure the width of your suitcase
  • Plot it on the size chart and your dimensions will give you the preferred size for your case. The adjustable strap will make sure it fits as snugly as possible.

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