Tell me about the new Luggage Glove

In January 2019, the new Diamond Luggage Glove will be the 6th product upgrade that we have done. Each development has brought something unique to our product: a new lock, a new material or a functional improvement.

The 2019 Diamond will have the tried and tested 3d-Mesh material offering impressive strength and luggage protection but we have also upgraded the locking system to have an adjustment mechanism making it easier to get the perfect fit on your upright luggage.

This clever strap allows the bottom skirt to be pulled tight without being able to be loosened for thieves to take off. In addition, the lock itself is considerably stronger and also features an indicator system that will show you if the US TSA has inspected your luggage.

Why do I need a luggage glove?

For the security, protection and easier identification of your luggage. It is designed to give you peace-of-mind when you travel. Recently, a lot of our new customers have moved over to our product to try and lessen the impact that plastic wrapping your luggage has on the environment. If we can stop using plastic straws, surely we can stop this terrible procedure!

What type of locking systems are available?

Our product has evolved to now only offering a TSA locking system. Both feature a 3-dial combination lock but the new version available from 2019, will also include an adjustable strap as well as a TSA indicator function alerting you if your luggage has been opened and inspected.

What colour combinations are available?

All our current Diamond designs have a main black body and feature 3 trims for variety: Red, Silver and Black.

What different types of personalization are available?

Luggage Glove Diamond is supplied with a rubber badge on the top that has space allocated for your name or an identifying word/phrase.

What guarantee does your company offer?

A 12 month's guarantee against manufacturing defects. Please note that this does not extend to normal wear and tear during use or damage from your carrier.

How do I know what size Luggage Glove will fit my trolley case?
The best thing to do is measure the height (excluding wheels) and width of your luggage and refer to our handy sizing chart for an accurate suggestion on the best fitting size. Click here for the chart… As a rule of thumb, the following luggage heights (excluding wheels) can also be helpful: Cabin: up to 55cm Small: 57 – 63cm Medium: 63cm – 71cm Large: 71cm + Please note that despite our best intentions, some manufacturers use slightly different ratios when designing suitcase so some sizes might fit better than others. The 2019 Luggage Glove Diamond uses the adjustable strap to ensure a tight fit but it is always best to refer to the sizing chart to get the best possible solution.
Where can I buy this product for myself?

There are a number of retailers around South Africa as well as right here and other online websites. Please click here for a comprehensive listing.

International customers are welcome to purchase on both Amazon US and UK sites.

I am interested in personalising the Luggage Glove - what are the printing possibilities?

Due to the fact that the 3-D Diamond mesh has holes in it, conventional sublimation and silk screening processes are not ideal. The best form of personalisation would be a specialised badge being attached to the Luggage Glove or a banner being sewed on to it.

How can we contact you?

Our contact details can be found by clicking here.

I would like to be an agent for you in my country. How do I contact you about this?

Please contact us via our company contact form or using the contact details which can be found by clicking here.

Where can I buy this product as a wholesaler?

Please get in touch with our administration team through the “Contact” menu or click here.

Is your product patented?

Yes – we have patents applicable to South Africa as well as Europe and pending patents for the US.

I am interested in marketing opportunities

The Luggage Glove is a prime advertising billboard travelling around the world, carrying your brand. Get in touch with us to see how we can help with mock-ups, strategies and proposals for a product that offers fantastic exposure for investment.

What does your warranty cover?

Our 12 month warranty will cover manufacturing defects such as loose stitching, broken locks or such. Damage or defects as a result of travel or from your carrier are unfortunately not covered – these claims need to be addressed by the relevant company. We will do our best to assist with repair and / or replacement along the guidelines of the Consumer Protection Act. We believe that all issues can be addressed fairly within the limitations experienced with travel.

How do I know I'm getting an original Luggage Glove?

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of our design, there have been a number of impostors retailing a product similar to ours. We are busy with patent infringement procedures against these opportunists. In all cases, the standard, workmanship and functionality of these products is inferior to the qualities expected of Luggage Glove. If the product does not bear our name or brand then it is likely to be an inferior imitation.